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Post  Admin on 16/3/2014, 13:15

At Prime Scratch we got their own unique Slots, like also few Intent Slots excluding this with jackpots.
Of course when we see name of Casino we can be sure that we can find nice offer of Scratches there and its true, that Casino offers us over 150 types of Scratch Games, with also amazing one called 3 WOW where if u get those lucky one you can win max of 1,000,000 UK Pounds

Playing at this Casino is possible in browser like also at our Smartphone’s with Android, and at I Phones
At Prime Scratch we got lot of occasional promotions, like also 4 all time stand so let’s describe few of them.
First is no deposit 20 Free Scratch Cards, usually players won from them about 5-50 €urns, its depend of lucky, after registration there are available to use at game called : SLOT 777

If we won some cash from after wagering it’s time to decision do we want to deposit or cash out, if u want to deposit there is waiting for you bonus 100% with currency which u choose from Euro, Dollars, and UK Pounds.
Casino also offer " Live Tournaments " its a form of event when u have to took more points than your opponents to take aboard some part of prize pool, there is 2 types of tournaments, first gives points for each spin value, 2ed one gives points for biggest win whenever value spin was.
Casino usually inform when that tournaments starts by email or at their website
Last all time promo is VIP Club for every action like deposit , playing you get points, at each level you will won some cash, and higher levels wafting for u also some other like casino called it " mystery prizes "

But that not all what casino serves us, from time to time they preparing part-time promos, usually at some casino events, or some special calendar days
U can find details about it at their blog, also you will find there archive about that kind of bonuses.
I will say few words about few of them to make it little closer to You Dear readers.

So we can find there archive description of Valentine’s Day promo, from this occasion Prime gives us huge 200% deposit bonus, and added to their offer available from that day special Scratch card where u can win up to 100,000 pounds !
At Christmas they added Advent calendar with some deposit and non deposit promotions every day from 1st to 24th of December
At New Year 2014 they added new Slots where we can win up to 200,000€, like also they stating to add Intent Slots, they doing this to today's times each week we can find there more games from that Soft.

So we active and check out their blog where u can find that kind of special bonuses, like also some more useful information about Casino.

At the end little whisper tip from me, after about 3-5 minutes visiting of Prime website paper popup window about 50 free spins at their sister website from same owner - Prime Slot Casino, I advice to do not use this, just checkout mine next review or find it in no deposit casino promotions at forum in where wafting for u link with free 5 pounds no deposit banner after registration, so money are always better than free spins which are worth lower than our forum promotion amount Smile


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