Mega Casino no deposit free spins

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Mega Casino no deposit free spins

Post  Admin on 18/10/2014, 14:41

Mega Casino

Mega Casino finished before no deposit promotion but instead of it they preapre new one exslusive for our forum which is this time
20 free spins without deposit, like also additional 140 spins like a bonus for first deposit

So this package contain free spins below the whole week which give at sum 140 simple for 1 deposit. Each day u can recive 20, so to start this journey of bonuses first 20 will be added to your account after registration from our links, next 120 u will be able to recive if u make one deposit in same day or next day after opening account in casino. 20 free spins will be added at 7 diffrent games, so if one of them is your favoritue u can choose the day with it, so here is a sheudle
Dragon's Inferno in Monday
Rainbow Riches in Tuesday
Star Trek - Red Alert in Wednesday
Egiptian Riches in Thursday
Montezuma in Friday
Lunaris in Saturday
Wizard of Oz in Sunday
So for example if u will register from our links in Wednesday u will recive free spins in this day, and after making a deposit u will recive next bonus rounds in each next 6 days.
Promotion is avalible only for players from folowing countries :
Grecce, Germany, Irleand, Czech Republik, Austria, Finland, Netherland, Irleand, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Slovakia and United Kingdom.


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