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Vernons Casino

Post  Admin on 18/10/2014, 10:02

At Vernons Casino we can play at games served us by Playtech software, in games section are also added games which are made by Vernons casino and available only here to play with no specified provider of them.
At start casino do not offer any no deposit bonus, but after made account from our banners u will be eligible to receive bonus at bingo which is 25€ free to start play there, but of course there are also in same time available promotions from casino, so than for first deposit here u can receive 100% multiple with a cap at 200€, only condition here is minimum deposit which have to be made at amount 10€, wager for this bonus to make it withdraw able is setted pretty low because only at x20. Next bonus is 10€ cash back every Tuesday, promotions is called Tues No Lose Day, so each Tuesday casino will give us back 10€ if we lose them, so for example we can made a deposit of ten and if it will be lost we will get it back in Wednesday after midday, if we for example deposit 20€ and lost all we will get back also 10€, but we can for example lost only half from deposit and rest stand to play later and we will also get cash back. So if we made any lost in Tuesday in Wednesday we have to ask live chat or offline support after 1PM about our cash back and it will be added to our accounts immodestly. Next promotion is for next day of week so Wednesdays for each deposit in this day we can do this with promotional code " red " or " black ", depends of code which we use to our account will be added bonus of 15€ or 10€ depend which color will be mystery selected for day of promotion. And at least last promotion made special for Thursday to 4 players who will deposit 10€ in this day and play at least 1 real money game, so this is could be also even 1 spin, we do not have to wager all our deposit in this day will be awarded by tickets to lottery where in each Thursday 4 players will be awarded by 50€ bonus, added to their accounts in Fridays, Vernons also offer many other promotions in section Vegas and bingo but about them will be said in bingo review section at our forum.


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