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BetDad Casino

Post  Admin on 26/9/2014, 09:51

At Betdad we can in few section, live casino, finances, casino, and the biggest section from available to play there so sport betting’s. At casino we can choose one from about 25 slots to spin there, but if I want to be honest I do not advice to play on those slots, because they are not good ones. But for sure I can advice live casino where to play we got blackjack, baccarat, poker, and roulette, in each we can choose one from 3 room 1 in Russian language, 2 in English with nice looking dealers, those are probably not a web like rooms but available only at Betdad, I played also there so I can confirm that quality of stream is high, like also game is fair, I won there some cash few times.
But for sure section where we can play the most are sport betting’s at which we got really big offer of matches, for example at tennis betting we can bet at of course the big tournaments like ATP1000 or grand slams, but also challengers with not the big prize pool, some of them I even cannot find at bet365, or Betsson offer, great is that for example at each sport evening we got about 60-200 options to bet, here great example are world championship in volleyball where at Betdad we could bet even at points, aces, errors made by selected players, which was usually about 10 in each match to bet. Also we can read there interesting news about sport from lot of disciplines adding about 5-10 each day, so we can find some interesting details of some sport events at website and sometimes we do not have to search them at other sport information websites. Betdad prepare great promotion to make more famous their sport betting offer which for sure deserve this, they prepare offer 5€ with no deposit which are available to get after registration from our links or banner here or in no deposit sport betting section at our forum, we have to bet them few times at odds minimum 1.6 and we can cash out winnings, only 1 thing which is little uncomfortable at this casino is that cash outs to e-wallet Skrill, are made only at Mondays, so even if we request it in for example Wednesday we will receive it in Monday, but plus of this situation is that we have 100% sure about when our withdraw will be ready at our Skrill account. Also casino got 1 more sport section which is pool betting, is a compilation of sport betting and lotto we have to set up bets at 12 sport events usually they are football matches, one " try " cost from 5-10€ differences are made cause of value of jackpot to win, usually jackpots are here at 50,000€, so if we bet and made it correct in each match we won actual jackpot. Type of betting is there 1 or X or 2. At end of review I have to say that this is one of the best new sport betting website with great offer and for sure we can expect their progress and adding of new interesting promotions.


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