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Post  Admin on 21/9/2014, 07:43

Tradition Casino let us chance to play at games served us by 2 software providers Rival Gaming, and newly added BetSoft which give to this casino over 50 games with great graphic 3D and some with nice jackpots to hit. At Casino Tradition we can play in downloaded version like also in browser one, here I have to notice that 3D games served us by BetSoft are going with no problem also in instant play option.
Tradition casino serve us lot of options of deposit bonuses, at start wait for us welcome package same for everyone with no difference about deposited amount, at 1st deposit wait for us 200% multiple, so for deposit 100€ we start play with 300€, here we got massive max amount which we can receive stopped at 1600$, also your 2ed deposit available u to get bonus this time 100% with a limit at 400$, and at least as finish of welcome package u can grab 250% multiple with a cap at 2500$.
Next bonuses can be claimed one after one with no setted queue of them so u can get last one, than first one but u cannot grab 2 of same one, At Traditional Casino bonuses are called like a well known cities, so than first one called Prague u can get 100% multiple up to 25$, and get from it also 15% cash back, good offer if u do not have much time and u want to try your luck at few spins. Next one Paris got limit at 50$ which will be counted like a 130% multiple of deposited amount, addictions this time are 20% cash back and also 5 minutes free play with a value of 10$ so there is a possibility to win for example from it 50$ which will give much more true multiple of deposited amount, next bonus is city Berlin this time cap is at 100$ to get from multiple 150% added benefits are this time 30% cash back from deposited amount, 10 minutes of free play started from 25$ balance, again u will keep all your winnings and here also u will be awarded by a ticket into a lottery where to win is a trip to most known gambling city so Las Vegas. 4th bonus called London value of it is at 250$ to get from a multiple of 200%, added this time is nice cash back setted at 40%, free play this time starts from 50$ and time is 15 minutes to try catch some nice winning spins, and also u will get lottery ticket. Finally 5th bonus this time with limit at 500$ which is counted by a 300% multiplier, half of deposit u will get back because of 50% cash back, free play is here long for 25 minutes and starts from 100$ this is great chance to spin really great winnings during this time which will be added in a top of your balance.
And at least if u will be decided to deposit 1000$ u can claim bonus called Las Vegas, there is no description of it because all details if u want to deposit this amount are individually setted with a support so there is a chance to took great benefits from that bonus.


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