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Post  Admin on 22/7/2014, 17:41

Virtual City EU Casino give players chance to win cash at microgaming games also at those jackpots like also those newies which MG adding to offer, also from those occasion depositors in this casino are awarded from time to time with some free cash or about 20-50 free spins , of course winnings u can rollover and after done it u can cashout it like a real cash straight at your account.

Like the mostly of all casinos also City Virtual started a no deposit campaign for new players who will registred via our forum banners, this time to grab is 50$ bonus , which u can wager at all games, best is do it at slots casue than wager is 100%, so we can do it much faster than for example at blackjack where wager percentage is at 25% in this casino , so for each 1€ spinned at slot machines we have to stake 4€ at BJ tables to count it like the same into a progress to turn our no deposit dollars into a pure cash avalible to withdraw.
Casino also setted at 5 deposits in row promotion.
At start our first deposit will be awarded by double up it with a max ammount at 100% , our 2ed deposit if we took this promotion will be multiple by 50% so for deposit 100$ we got 150$ for play with a maxiumum of 80$ which could be added , 3rd, 4th, and fifth deposit will be multipled by 75% with a cap at 50$ , 100$ and at least at 150$ so personally i advice the biggest deposit like a first one where cap is high and also multiple is good , and last one where u could take the biggest ammount of bonus. This give at total 480$ which could be added to our deposit by Virtual Casino promotions .


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