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At Casino Yachting we can play at games provided us by Global Gaming Labs, B3W Ltd, NYX AB, and Amaya Gaming, we can hit here all jackpots availed to get at those slots holders, and of course in Yachting are whole offer of games served us by them.
Yachting offer us also much more than only casino, there are also Sport betting, Poker, Lotteries, and Virtual Sports where we can bet at races with virtual graphics, but about rest of offer I will write in next reviews.
At Yachting we got lot of promotions, we will start of course from a first deposit bonus, we can hit here 100% so double up our cash with a limits of minimum at 10€ and maximum amount of get at 250€, good thing in yachting is that we can wager bonus at all slots whenever about provider and also rollover requirements are kindly low cause setted only at x25, of course different are wager count multipliers at games, at slots like everywhere we got 100% count, but at Video Poker there are only 25% and at BJ or roulette are 0, of course it do not mean we cannot raise there our cash, just wager will not move forward during play there.
Next promotion is part-time, but we can call it all time because it is start over and over again in each month, so those are 1 month races at slots, there are 3 leader boards, first is for wager 5,000 to 10,000€ and for it we are qualified to sharing prizes of 2,000 with other players how will make also the same, next level is for wager 10,001-25,000€ and here we are into prizes at all at 3,000€, and a last lead board made usually with an idea of high-rollers, here for wager 25,000 and above we will be placed to share a 5,000€ in prizes, those amount looks crazy for low-rollers at start, but for example for 100€ deposit at 100% bonus we got 200€, so wager it till bonus release gives us 5000€ wagered so we got 2 benefits from it, first about pure cash after rollover and also participation in a 1st level prizes.
Next promo is dedicated for players Virtual Sports, here Yachting will double up all our winnings for bets at Virtual World Cup and a Legend Games in same section, so we simple make bets there and if we win we receive 2 times more than casual, promotion will end at last day of month, but there is of course a limit, cause casino cannot give us double prizes all the time and this is setted at 150€ so for example we can bet 3 times for 25€ at 2.0 stakes win 75€ each bet and it will be moved into at 150€ amount.
Next one is contain with a loyalty program, at Yachting we can be in a 1 of 4 VIP levels, to get into a bronze one we have to make an single, or accumulate deposits of 300€ or more, time is unlimited here do not have to be done in a month or week, could be even a year or more, but to this promotion we need to have a gold status, to get it deposit amount is stabile at 300€ but we need to make a 20,000 FPP points, for what we will be awarded by a status which give us access to extra bonuses, free cash and spins and also we got better ratio to convert those points into a cash than in a lower VIPs status and also we can turn on a VIP Thursday bonus, which is multiple of deposits in all Thursdays, for all deposits maximum amount to get is 400€ and minimum to qualify is 50€, so than if u had a gold level u can receive 75% more to your deposit, if u before it use a code PREMIUMVIP, if u do not have gold status u still can receive 50% here bonus code is : 50VIP
And the last interesting promotion is quite unique, personally I first time see something like this is called Bonus Party Spin a Wheel, so after each deposit u can go to the bank section and spin to get bonus, there is some risk because % are from 5 to 100% if u get 100% is great, but if u hit some like 5-15% is not good cause u still have to wager this bonus x25, but no risk no fun, so to spin a bonus well minimum depot had to be made at 10€ and max amount to receive is at massive 800€


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