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At Play2Win casino we can at games provided us by Rival gaming, and also Cozy gaming like a bingo software, with all their games, also those with the highest winnings progressive jackpot slots with only 1 lucky payment line, they got also innovation games called I-slots, where u can play and keep and adventure story through 4-5 different theme of slots with extra cash played after each chapter after finish special bonus stages and also with expanding new bonus symbols or games at each new stage, when u finish all of them wait for u huge cash prize and then u can start it again form the beginning at slot.

Now about a promotions, at start if u will be registered via our forum banner u can count at 22$ no deposit bonus, there is no promo codes which u have to use simple click in our links and register after redirection finish to opening an account and start to try those casino with free cash with could be converted into a real one after finish a wagering.
Next promotion is first deposit one, is setted at 400% multiple with a cap at 2222$ about a maximum amount of bonus which u can get, so to use it max you should deposit about 510$ which gives u after multiple about 2200$. Wager for it is at x35, there is of course no max cash out, but after finish of wagering bonus money will be deduced , so for example u start playing after deposit 100$ with 400$ u finish wagering at 1000$ at your account so u can cash out 700$ real cash after it, but this is not all, casino if u will get unlucky and lost all your cash give u another chance to win because if u decided on first deposit bonus they will give u our back your deposit amount from which u will could start try took you’re lucky hit and take some cash to withdraw.
Next " promotion " are weekly slots tournaments to get participation in the u have to deposit with one of 3 ways each tournament bonuses are different and they could be as 101%, 202% , 303% after it u can spin those cash in tournaments, for the best players casino prepare 1st prize for win at massive 1000$, but of course not only the 1st will win for the rest top10 casino will share 5,000$ into a prizes, and also u will get extra bonus like in a first deposit one part of so 100% cash back on deposits during the next tournaments for if u will be in top10 of one in a next one u will get cash back for every deposit like a bonus cash at your account from which u can start win real cash not only during the tournament t to try be in a top of leader board.
Next promotion is a material prize one to win is trip to Macao casino an all exclusive one with of course flight tickets and accommodation in luxury hotel like also invitation to casino parties, to win u have to be the lucky one in lottery, u will get tickets to this draw for each deposit in month, draw is be done at the beginning of next month, so for example u made 4 deposits to casino and u will be awarded by 4 tickets.
Next promotion will award loyalty players and so for each deposit amount in month in a next one u will get 15% form them, so for example u made 4 deposits of 50$ each that is 200$ so in next month u will get 30$ at your account like an award for being loyal player.
Next bonus is for night players, every Monday to Thursday from hours 1; 00 GMT to 6; 00 GMT your bonuses with be matched by 111% so it mean that for 100$ deposit u will get 222$ for play, and even if u lose it you will be awarded by extra 10$ after lost if it will be happened to throw chance of few lucky spins.
And last bonus if for Thursday night blackjack players, so each deposit made to play blackjack from 19; 00 GMT Thursday to 6; 00 AM GMT Friday u will multiplied by 101% so it mean that after 100$ deposit u will get 202$ for play your favorite table game blackjack, and if u lost u will get also a most lucky number of dollars for every blackjack player so 21$ to give u another chance to hit few blackjacks in a row.


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