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There is lot of promotions which wating for u, most of all they are contain with bingo.
Let's say a little bit about each of them. After use exclusive no deposit promotion for our forum members wait for u first deposit bonus, which is setted at 200% so after took it your deposited ammount is tripled and ready to play, max what u can get from this bonus is at 200€.
In addiciton to it casino will multiple your cash by 100% with a cap at 100€, so make a deposit 10€ play with 20, or to use max from it deposit 100€ and play with 200, but this offer do end here, onlinebingo casino give u this promotion at the each month. So after begin of 1st day in each calendar month you could use the bonus, it's great innovation where u can feel like a first deposit how many time u want in a 30days periods.
And there is also next nice life-time promotion at your birthday u can count that onlinebingo like a occasional gift will credit your account by 10€.
On next promotion prizepool is setted at 1000€ at each month, by a leaderboards of each week with PP at 250€ for the first u can win 100€ and it's going lower to 7th place for which wait for u 10€, and here good new, on other sites it's usually only a bonus cash, but here only half is a bonus and half from prize going at your account like a cash so if u just want u can cashout it anytime.
Now about a rules, each day from 8pm to 10pm for playing at a grand prix speed bingo u will earn points, players with the biggest ammount of points will be awarded at the end of week, this bingo is played in room called " Money tree "
Next monthly promotion is contain with slot machines in may wait for u X-box worth of 400€, rules to win are simple the 1 player of the month will win it, if u will be the players which wager the most at slots u win it. There is also possibility if u do not want the material prize it could be coverted to cash by a 70% of value so it's about 300€ added to your account, this promotion is open at each next month also, only the prize could be changed on some other cool electronic stuff.
Next one is 10 days period promotion called " Leaderboard "
This time on this short-time period will be given out 1000€ for the players who will be qualify to be share the prizepool. Now about the rules again they are simple clear, for each 10€ wagered at selected slots u will be awarded by 1 point. The top20 players sharing the cash, with huge 250€ by a first place. I think we also can expect that this promotion will be avalible periodicaly, so checkout the promotional tab from time to time to be in touch with it. 
Next promotion is called Linked Up Jackpot, to win are jakcpots with a minimum ammount at massive 5,500€, to win u have to play bingo in a 9am to 11:30am and play with a buy a cards for minimum of 0.25€ each, usually in games is dropping about 30€, but if u hit in 90-balls full house in a 32 calls or less, or in a 75-ball u will have cover all in a 42 calls or less u win that huge minimum or even more JP, always u can check out the acctual ammount of Jackpot at the promotion site.
Next promotion is for Wednedsday players, at the each middle of week day of month player of the day will be awarded by 50€. Each day is selected slot at May there are : 7th may - Boomaji, 14th - Chase the Cheese, 21st- A night in paris and 28th- Desperados 20 line. if u from 12am to end of Wednesday wager the most from all u will win 50€ straight into your account.
And last promotion is for every thoueday, casino randomally select 6 players which in this days during whole month are awarded by extra 25€ cash, just make a even 1 deposit and be in this lottery every thuesday of month.


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