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Post  Admin on 6/5/2014, 10:19

Spielle Casino is the one from Cherry casinos group dedicated only for the Norway players, becasue that is the only one language version of their website. They also inform about some social campaign contain with their brand. Of course there is also possibility about play them other nationalieties, but u have to use some translator to correct navigation at their website.

Ok at start i have to say that this casino is compilation of 3 games providers like NetEnt, YGG Drasil and microgaming, with all games, also the new one and the JP one possibility to play. 
For players are wating 2 promotions, in future should be much more, for sure will be some contains with sport events.
So for all players wating first deposit bonus at 100% with a maximum ammount at 500€, this one was dedicated for higrollers, for players playing at smaller stakes their prepare even 200% bonus but with cap at 50€, so at the 2ed option after deposit 50€ we got for play 150€. Wagering before cashout is setted at x40 but it's same for all games whenever is them from YGG Grasil software or NetEnt , or MG. Here i also have to say about incredible fast cashouts from casino, your money requested to withdraw could be at your e-wallet even few secounds after call for it.
And the next promotion campaing give u chance to win a trip straight into World Cup 2014 in Brasil.
All what u have to do is wager 25€ at the new slot Football Star, for each 25€ u will be awarded by 1 lottery ticket, so u can get first deposit bonus wager for example 200€ at this slot and take even 8 tickets to lottery so your chances are much more incresed. Include package are tickets from London airport to Brasil one, 7-days accomodation in Copacabana Hotel and also transport from airport to hotel and to stadium, and of course 2 tickets on a Final Match of WC2014 for u and your choosen by u partner which will got same awards like a winner so also accomodation and flight tickets.

So SpilleAutomater.com like a brand is a sponsor and partner of 5 sport camapings in Norway
First is sponsored by them Futsal league called SpilleAutomater Futsal League.
Next one is their own dancers team called Intra Dance Crew, they promote brand with lot of succeses like on a Norway land, like also at international competitions.
They are also sponsor of Caroline Olsen women motor driver, she also got lot of succes like national championschip and also Nordic Cup winner with competition even with men.
They are also pround sponsor of Special Olympic games for disability people.
That are for sure events from u can known this brand.
There is also note that play in this casino is legal, and tax free for Norway players, another instresting news is that now well-known gambling soft operator YGG Drasil, was at start of their carrier avalible to play only at Cherry Casinos group, but like we all know they are now avalible to play at other casinos since 2013 year.

Another intresting news dedicated for Norway teams/sport players is possibility of being sposored by their brand, in details about this case u have to contact with support.


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