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Post  Admin on 6/5/2014, 10:06

At Camasino Casino we can play at Slots at BetSoft software. Those are well known games with great 3D grapfics. There is lot of bonus future to hit even to 4 at one Slot.

At the moment Camasino do not offer any no deposit bonus, and there is none first deposit bonus to casino, but instead of it there is lot of chance to win some cash for playing poker freerolls.
Camasino is one of first sites where u can play poker with webcamera so players can see faces of their opponents, also to enter their best freerolls possesion of camera and using them is mandatory so your wins could be erased if u do not use it.

Ok so first i will describe rules of those winnings from tournaments, than i will write here list of tournaments which are played round and round at their pokerroom.
So each 1$ won is like 0.5$ which u can use at poker and 0.5$ which u have to use in casino, i will described it at example 2$ won because it will be easier. So if u won 2$ to make it withdrawable u have to spin at casino total at minimum 1$, all winnings from it will be added to your real balance, and the secound dollar u have to roll at tournemnt for example with 1$ buyin, or play cahs table where u have to play at total for 1$ in stake, or just go allin in 1 hand by 1$. Winnings from this are also added to your real balance. So in otherwords wagering from money won at freeroll have to be wagered x1, but always half to half in poker and casino, so 50% of won have to be wagered x1 at slots, and rest 50% at cash tables or sng or MTT also x1, than with winnings made from those money u can do whatever u want becasue those are only your money.
So now let's present u here lsit of tourmaents where u can won that cash, but remeber that u need webcam to play in them.
First is HeadRush Freeroll, where prizepool is 100$ and whole going to 1st place, in tournament are 2 possibility rebuys for 2$ each at 6000 chips each, where also start chips are 6k.
Next one are s'n'g tours with prizepool setted at 3$ shared into top3, they start over and over when enought players will be registred.
Next are again with same rules sng, but with prizes at 1$ which is going only to ther winner, tours start when will be 3 players in.
One more s'n'g freeroll is with PP at 30$ shared between 12 players where for the first is 26% of prizes, this one is also start when some players ammount will be registred
Same sng like this described before but with 50$ in prizes with same share and for 1 st place like in before one is starting when registred are 60 players.
Of course there are also s'n'g where u can buyin with cash, also with this won at freerolls to kind of wager winnings. prizes are from 10$ to 50$ for 6 to 10 players, some are with posibility rebuys, i think it's great oportunity to rollover freeroll winnings if u do not like to play cash games.
Next one are massivly 1000$ in prizepool but they are played only monthly usually at 27th of each month, shared prizes within top15 the 26% for winner throught places ended at 0.5% ( so still 5$ ) for the 15th place, winnigs have to be wagered in same way which i described at the top of post, so it's rly nice cash to win with great terms about make it cashoutable. there is 15000 start chips and posibility are 2x rebuy for 5$ each at same ammount like start chips.
Next is s'n'g with prizepool at huge 100$ like on freeroll which will be rolled every 150 players registred.
And the last one s'n'g also freeroll one at amazing 500$ for free which is started when 500 players will be registred and ready to play, is nice oportunity to it with maybe some couple of friends and win some free money.
Each week is also playing Afternoon freeroll where we can share the 100$ for be in top6, where for the first one is nice 55% ( so 55$ ). they are played in each Monday.
For Sundays Camasino prepared 200$ in good sundays freeroll where is same cash structure like in a before one, here at start is 6000 chips and avalible are 2 rebuys at 10000 chips for %$ each.
Everyday are also play MTT tournaments to which u have to buyin but for each players buyin is added cash to prizepools, so for 10$buyin tours camasino added 35$, for 7$bi room added 25$, and for the lowrolles for 2$buyin it will be given out extra 10$ to prizepool.
And each 2 days in the following weeks are played 200$ freerolls when shared between again top15 with posibility rebuys which are 2x start chips each cost 3$.

at the end of rewiev i have to say that following the terms of freerolls u have to show your face in a webcam during the tour play.


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