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Post  Admin on 24/4/2014, 10:30

And this will be last review about this bingo casino, this time we got cabin casino, where again like on the others we got soft LeapFrog. There are few instresting slots, some with jackpots at few thousend Dollars even to 300,000$ at one. But this casino is mosltly made for the bingo play, so in this rewiev i will descrbie last promotion from their offer, last 4 promotions is wroten in 3 before posts about casino from this group. 

Ok so at start i will one more time remeber about offer for our forum members, so after registration from our links u will get 30$ free no deposit, with great wager reqs at x10 slots, and only x3 at bingo. First deposit bonus which is avalible is described in 3 posts before this one.
So now let's say a little bit about last promo avalible at bingo casinos.
This time it'll be tournemnts and cometitions, we got 3 diffrent ones to play in.
First one is called Pot of Gold, in this one in prizepool are even 10,000$ bonus bucks.
On each month are selected diffrent number on May there are : *4 * 7 * 13 * 29 * 33 * 37 * 50 * 58 * 65 * 70 *. If u hit from 1 to 10 from this number at your bingo hitted u will get extra cash. From 2$ for example for 1 number throught 25$ for 5 from 10 to even 75$ for nine or 200$ for the all hitted so for 10/10. To be part of this tournament u have to be a minimum bronze level player, so otherwords u have to at least deposit one time to cabin casino. and another terms u have to carry is in your room is acutually Compentition monthly manager, than if u will some u will be informed at email and your bonus bucks will be added at the next day.
Next tournament is Rainbow Connection
This time we can win up to 1,200$ in bonus bucks ( i will again say here that bonus bucks could be used to play and winnings from them are real cash, but bonus $ couldn't be withrawed , it's same situation like on a playtech bonuses ) This time after each game end when casino manager will be at chat and inform whole room that promotiom games started color of your last winning card will betermiente how many points u will got which at the end of promo will be made leaderboard and u will recive your bonus cash. To this tourmaent could be participate all players there is no restrition in terms about only deposited players. This competition starts every Monday and finish at Sunday EST time, prizes are given out at Monday for the winners of week before.
And last one is dedicated for the typically casino players it is contain with Slots, called Weekly Slot Tournament. Here to grab is 2,000$ in prizepools. Great here is that each loyality level got diffrent leaderboard, so  winners will be top3 from bronze, sliver, gold, platinium, and diamond levels, it gives totally 15 players which will be awarded. This time period time is from Sunday to Saturday, and prizes will be paid out at Monday ( so 2 days after end ). To get points u have to win as much cash as u can at any of 3 nad 5 reel slots but there are three which are excluded and they are : Cluedo, Elvis and Monopoly. So simple play duriing week at slots and checkout your position at the website.

So at last 4 posts was overwroten all avalible promotion at all of 4 rooms, each one descrbied is avalible to be part of at each room.


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