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At Jet Casino we can play in games provided by soft Leapfrog System. This is another from 4 casinos owned by bingo casinos, their games are licensed by Alderney Gambling Control Commison.

Jetbingo also for our forum members offer's 30$ no deposit promotion, all what u have to do is register throught our links fill in personal details, confirm your email adress, login and start playing and wagering the bonus. More details about this promo u can find in our no deposit bonuses reviews at our forum.

At this rewiev we focus on a bingo schedule and all bonuses contain with the daily calendar. Other promotions avalible at those net of bingo casinos u can find in each of 4 rewies of this group under and over this post. Ok so at start i have to say that your bonuses like also deposits of crouse u can use to play slots, but if u wagering the bonus it's better if u do this at bingo or mix it with slot machines becasue wager any bonus also this no deposit like a deposit or loyality ones at bingo is only x3 therewere on slot/ casino games it's counted at x10, that's why in this description i will focus also on a bingo games. So each day we got some games where we can hit in addiction to our standart winnings some extra cash.

Ok so there are promotions duringo whole day this is VIP Perks bingo for diamonds/platinium VIP status only. Here if u hit bingo on letter V , I or P u will be awarded by extra 10$. If u will get bingo at ball 33 u will get 25$ bonus bucks. This promotions are avalible 24/7. Now i will describe dayplan from Friday usually are same promotions every day but they could have some diffrences between Friday and Monday for example 100% sure deailts u can find at bingo promotional tab at website.
So time will be wroten as EST ( this is standart one at this casinos ) 
from 12am to 1am if u buy 10 cards u will get 5 for free, and also if u play Jet pattern with 75$ prizepool guaranted this iwll be played twice.
1am to 2am During this hour on all Fast and Furious clackouts will be avalible one secound call plus also those promotion like in the hour before.
2am to 3am this time if u buy 5 cards u will get another 5 for free, also if will be 50$ in prizepool at the black box pattern this will be played twice.
3am to 4am avalible as same promotions like in a hour before and same for the hour to 5am
6am to 9am will be 3 hours with same promotions. This time u have to note that this bonuses will be for highroller, other players should change the room at this period if they want to play at smaller stakes, so each games in those 3 hours will have minimum 40$ guaranted in prizepool and also fast and furious will have 1 secound call. also will be guaranted minimum 100$ in the blazing7's pattern and it will be played twice. and the last promotion is awarding by 2$ bonus bucks for each game in a hot seat bonus, only requiment for this is purchased minimum 10 cards in that draw. and if u buy 10 cards during those 2 hours you will get 10 for free.
9am to 10am if prizepool reach 50$ at black box game will be played twice, also for buying 10 cards u will get 5 for free.
10am to 11am each fast and furious blackouts will have 1 secound call, if at Jet pattern will be 75$ in prizepool each game will be played twice, and again for 10 bought cards u will get 5 for free.
11am to a midday ( 12am ) played twice will be game in which 50$ will be as a prizepool in black box, and again 50% extra so for 10 cards 5 will be added extra.
12am to 1pm time hour again 5 free cards for 10 bought, and played twice if 75$ will be at prizes at the tourbulence pattern
1pm to 7pm at those 6 hours will be promotion buy 10 get 5 for free like and twice playing for each 75$ prizepool or at the jet or at turbulence patterns.
from 7am to 10am bingo again inviate highrolles players, this time each game will have 60$ guanrated in a prizes, and also in addiciotn but only from 7 to 8 games at fast and fouriuos will have secound call. Next part of this hour package are huge 150$ guaranted in prizepool and also playing them twice in each games : from 7 to 8 blazzing 7's, from 8pm to 9pm at blackout, and from 9 to 10 at game Airplane. And again each player which will be in game during the randomally promotion hot seat and purchased 10 cards will be awarded by 2$ bonus. And of course at whole this perdion will be get antoher 10 cards for buy first 10.
from 10 pm to 11pm each game which hit 100$ or more in prizepool at the blackout pattern will be played twice
And last hour so from 11pm to 12pm for each 75$ prizepools at the jet patterns will be also played twice, also during the last 2 hours is avalible promotion 5 bought 5 free cards.

This was friday bingo schedule rly simmilar promotions are each day difrences could be in games but rules are mostly the same. Room which was descrbied is Skyway Lounge, there are 4 rooms to choose to play bingo but again i have to say that promotions are close to those which i described in each of them. Rest promotion at this casino web u can find in all 4 rewievs about bingo casinos group


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