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Post  Admin on 24/4/2014, 10:27

Cafe Casino is dedicated mostly of all to bingo players but we also can spin there at a LeapFrog Software slot machines. We also can find there slots with jackpots ammount even at 100,000$, and few ones at about 5,000-20,000$. Also some of them got rly intresting futures even to 3 at only 1 slot.

Cafe Casino got some nice promotions but exsclusivly for our forum community 
After click the links/banner at our forum u will be redirected to site at which after registration at your account u will find 30$ to play at Cafe Casino. Bonus could be used for Slots where wager for it is ammounted at x10 or for lower wager req at only x3 to rollover it at bingo play. Of crouse at slots u can win more at 1 hit than at bingo and that's the reason why wager to free bonus is higher, choose the way is depend only from u. Of crouse wagering could be mixed by playing some at Slots and some at bingo. There is also possibility to play at casino games like blackjack or roulette but here wagering is much more casue of diffrent percentage of couting bets to fully wager the bonus.

Now let's describe deposits multiple bonuses.
At first deposit wating for u huge 300% multiple it mean u will have x4 your deposited cash to play, with same great wager reqs so x3 bingo and x10 slots. Max which we can get at this promotion is 300$, but this are not money which we can cashout. So for example we deposit 30$ and we got 120 at totall but 30$ is our cash and 90$ is BB ( bonus bucks ) BB cannot be cashouted ever, they are only effected to be play/spin at casino or bingo. But winnings from them are of course a real cash, so after wager bonus all winnings - bonus $ could be withdrawed.

Next promotion which we can get is bonus on our 2ed deposit to Cafe Casino.
THis time u can get less than for the first one cause only 100% and also with lower max ammount setted at 100 bonus $. Play and cashout terms are exacly the same like in the 1st one bonus.

And the last one multiple deposit promotion is reload bonus. Ammount of percentage which u can get is depend of your VIP loyality club level. But realod bonuses could be taken only if your bonus bucks balance is from 10$ to 50$ forward their terms described at the promotion website.
So now levels, here info that after your 2ed deposit u will be automaticly moved to a silver VIP status. So for the sliver players is wating 50% bonus on each 1st deposit in the following month, for the gold ones is prepared 75% deposit given out like a bonus bucks, and for the 2 highest leves so Platinium and Diamond are preapred 100% bonuses for each 1st deposit in month.

Other promotion contains with this casino net will be described in other posts over this becasue this net got 4 diffrent rooms to play and simmilar promotions in each, but important that u can get our special forum members bonus 30$ at each 4 of them !


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