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In Cosmik Casino we can play at games sevred us by Viaden, Betsoft, and Game Scale softwares.
Unfotuanalty Cosmik do not offer any no deposit offer, but insted of it we got lot of deposit bonuses for sure sb found some good offer.
The first thing which is good i live chat even during playing at the main site, so we do have to even close the game if we want to solve some problem with support.
We can play there in about 200 games, at Slots it possible to hit huge JP which sum of them is ammouted at over 800,000€.

Deposit and cashout payment methods are matched to lot of countries all over a world
They got methods posibility to deposit via them only for nationalties like : Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Swizerland, Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, also they are international deposit types like e-walles, payups, and visa, or mastercard
Before we made a deposit to casino we should study a little bit of avalible bonuses to get on our cashin, also noticeable i case that for some methods we can earn 15% more multiple to a top of other bonuses, so for depos via Skrill or Ukash will be special awarded it mean that for exaple 2ed deposit which is multipled by 50%, with those deposit form will be totally multipled by 65% , full list of payments awarded by extra bonus are to found at promotion tab at Cosmik website

Cosmic Casino at our few firstly deposits give us welcome package to multiple them.
So from the begining at the 1st deposit to casino we can get 150% new player bonus but onlu to max 1,500$ bonus ammount, there is also promotiom at secound deposit to casino which will be multipled by 50% with cap also at 1,500$ The first bonus have to wagered x33 , but 2ed one had to be wager only x25 !
Cosmik also awarded loyality players to give them also bonuses at the next deposit from the third one to the fifth one which are part of 5,555€ Welcome Package, now let's make it closer, to the third deposit we can get 50% more with cap at 495€ bonus wager is only x25, at the 4th one cashin to casino we will get again the 100% more this time cap is setted at 500€ to this we have to wagering x30, and finally last deposit from awarded without any code the fifth one gives us massivly 150% multiple capped at 1,500€ so it's same offer like at the first one but wagering requitments is better casue it's only x30 not a 33 like in first depo bonus !

Next noticeable promo is calendar with special bonuses diffrent in each day of following mounth but categoried in 5 types of, let's describe them, is all them bonuses ammount's are caped by 1,500$
The 1st category are bonuses Moonday here we could get 75% bonus with ammounts from 50€ to 200€ deposited, also to it addiction is getting next 25% bonus at the next day to keep u in play to get it use code : Moon75 , for higher deposits ( over 200€ ) cosmik presents 150% bonus and again next 50% extra given out at the next day to give u another chance to win, to activate it use code : Moon150
Next category is called Alien War here minimum ammount ot make it is 20€, but there is also another warning than bonus can be able to active only when your balance before making a depo is less than 4€, so for this your cahs will be multipled depends on which games u want to play u can choose from Slots and recive 70% bonus, table games and get 50% and at least card games and multiple by 35% there is no code to active it all what u have to do i deposit in correct day.
Another category is Mars Attack this is contain with 2 first deposit at the day, to the 1st one we can recive 50% more with code : Mars50 and max bonus ammount at 500€, better awarded is 2ed deposit in day which is multipled by 100% with cap of bonus at 300€ to get it deposit with code Mars100 .
4th category is Space Invasion this time we can get bonus at the three deposit at 1 day.
At the 1st our depo will be awarded 50% more when we use code : Space50 , the 2ed one day deposit is bigger to 75% more when code : Space75 will be used , and the 3ed deposit in day is awarded the most with huge 150% with code Space150 , those bonuses each one got cap at 500€ bonus ammount added.
And the 5th last category of bonuses are to get in Sundays and there we got " Sunday Funday " Bonuses this time we can get 100% deposit more with cap at 1,200$ , but in addictionaly to mulitple bonus we also recive " bonus cards " on which we can win 50€ or even 100€ winnings cards are always 18 from the whole pot given away to sunday depositors.
Uniqe 6th category is prepared for special days in the following month like a Easter or Chrimstmas, those day Kosmic made totally uniqe promotions like free spins, free cash, huge deposit bonuses.
Important that be sure after checkout promo calendar that in day of deposit u can use code which u want, becasue diffrent codes work only at the choosen day

And the plast promo are leaderboards on which we can win extra cash just by normally playing if we do this in correct time and choosen game we will earn points to leaderboard and we can share a prizepool awarded on that competition, all details, like also dates and actual ranking of your position you can find at promo tab of casino website, but you can be sure that participate to them are no need any code, so check it out from time to time becasue it could be than only few spins left to be part of prizepool.


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